Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bye Bye Urusei Yatsura!

   As of 30th of September, 2011AnimEigo will lose their license for Urusei Yatsura which means you will no longer be able to order the DVDs from them, and at a really good price I might add, so it's now or never folks. As of a few days ago, AnimEigo post that they have less then 100 copies of certain disk and they will not be re-pressed so once the stock is gone it's Amazon or Ebay where, if your luck is anything like my own, the one disk you need to finish up whatever anime series you are looking for will be the one all the sellers want $100.00 plus Dollars for as opposed to the rest of the series which they and everyone else is selling for $3.00 to $5.00. The frelling bastards!

   At any rate, if you have never seen Urusei Yatsura (Hello Naruto fans), you can check it out with this Special Limited Time Offer -- Get the first Urusei Yatsura TV Eps. DVD for only 99 cents! So do yourself a favor or buy a cheap gift for that anime fan in your life and go check out this classic comedy series.